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Muscle Recovery

°CRYO to Reach the next level. Cryotherapy for rapid muscle recovery.

Chronic Pain Relief

Reduce chronic pain with Cryotherapy. Go Sub-zero for serious pain relief.

Beautiful Skin

Increase glycogen production with Cryotherapy. The frozen answer to healthier skin.

Weight Loss

Shiver your way to a thinner you. Get cold to get thin and burn calories, fast.

Better Mood

Cryotherapy for a happier you. Shiver away your stress for a better mood.

Post-op Recovery

Give Pain the Cold Shoulder. Cryotherapy for Rapid Post-surgery Recovery.

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Our mission at Coldfront is to provide an experience that will keep you coming back for more. Our members choose Coldfront Cryotherapy because of our state of the art equipment and genuine, personalized service. You owe it to your body to give cryotherapy a try. Try it once, and we promise that you will crave the cold.

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