Frequently Asked Questions about Cryotherapy

What are the main reasons someone would do Cryotherapy?

There are numerous benefits to undergoing consistent Whole Body
Cryotherapy. Some examples include:

  • Relief from chronic pain/inflammation
  • Weight loss
  • Reduced anxiety/Mental clarity
  • Tighter firmer skin/Smaller pores
  • Muscle recovery/Athletic performance

What should I expect my first time trying Cryotherapy?

We want your first experience at Coldfront to be an enjoyable one. Book an appointment by calling in, visiting our website or just by walking in to our store. You will be greeted by one of our friendly “Chill Therapists” who will ask you to fill out a new client questionnaire and waiver form. You will be directed to a dressing room where you can place your clothes and belongings in a cubby and put on one of our comfortable robes. Guys need to keep some underwear bottoms on, while for the girls underwear is optional (the more skin exposure the better). Next its time to step into our Cryosauna! Once you are inside and the door is closed, you will take off your robe and hand it over the side to the therapist. The session will begin with a burst of hyper-cooled air which will circulate around your body. The temperature will begin to drop rapidly and your body and brain will respond in some amazing ways! If this is your first time doing cryotherapy with us, the session will only last a little over 2 minutes, and the cold intensity will be less than that of our typical session. After the session is complete you will be handed your robe and escorted back to the dressing room. Enjoy the rush!

Who shouldn’t do Cryotherapy?

Anyone with who is pregnant, has very high blood pressure, or has a cold allergy should not do Cryotherapy.

I don’t like being cold. Is Cryotherapy going to be miserable?

Think of doing Cryo like doing some vigorous exercise…chances are you don’t find going on a jog or lifting weights very comfortable, but you love the way you feel after and you are able to endure the challenge because you are mentally prepared for it! The fact is some people have a higher tolerance to the extreme cold than others. We have multiple different settings on our Cryo Sauna that can be tailored to your particular tolerance level- this is why your first session with us will always be shorter and less intense just to figure out what will be best for you moving forward. Doing Cryotherapy is nothing like doing an ice bath or even jumping in a cold river (ouch!) so if you have done that before, you can expect this to be much easier!

Is it better to do Cryo before or after my workout?

It doesn’t matter! The only thing to consider is that we need your body and underwear (if applicable) to be DRY. If you are just coming in from having finished an intense workout and are still sweaty- we will have some towels for you to ensure you are dry before beginning your session.

How often should I do Cryo to notice the benefits?

The great thing about Cryo is that most people notice some of the benefits right away, namely an energy boost, an endorphin rush, and even a better nights sleep! To fully realize the benefits of Cryo we encourage you to do 3 or more sessions a week consistently. After the first month of consistency, most people notice the more dramatic benefits of the therapy. Our Coldfront Unlimited membership is the best value for getting the most out of Cryo!

Why does a Cryo session only last 2-3 minutes?

Just a few minutes is all the time the body needs to fully respond to the cold exposure. The physiological response includes Vaso-constriction, the release of endorphins, and a drop in skin temperature of around 40 degrees. Being exposed to this level of cold for long periods of time would be dangerous, but as long as you are wearing socks and gloves, 3 minutes is completely safe.

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